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  • You Tube on Treo’s!

    Posted on October 4th, 2007 Shawn No comments

    You Tube on Treo 700pDid you know that right out of the box a Treo 700p and 755 both play videos from You Tube? I had no idea and stumbled on it one day while reading the “Quick Tour” documentation.

    As a test, I opened Blazer and went to and boom….just like that I was streaming You Tube videos on my 700p. Just another under-marketed feature of the Treo that did what the iPhone does…..more than a year ago.

    Anyway, it’s fun when someone with an iPhone is showing off the You Tube feature and I can say, oh that…..I had You Tube out of the box on my Treo over a year ago. “Put that in your iPhone and smoke it!”


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