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  • iPhone Does Not Support Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP)

    Posted on July 3rd, 2007 Shawn No comments

    I was just reading the Everything iPhone forum regarding what people are saying about A2DP, better known as support for stereo Bluetooth headsets. I was shocked beyond belief with what I learned.

    Even though the iPhone comes with Bluetooth 2.0 which supports the cool wireless headsets….Apple has chosen not to implement the A2DP technology ont he iPhone. What the hell were they thinking!?!? As an iPod, with Bluetooth how could they have not implemented this on day 1 of the release? Honestly, I am truly shocked.

    So, I’m retracting the statement I made a few months ago boasting the A2DP capabilities of the iPhone. As of now, no dice.

    All the more reason to stick with a Treo like the 650, 700p (Sprint only), 755p, or the Win Mo 750. All either have native A2DP or you can get it ( for a few bucks.

    Just another reason why the iPhone (although it may be for you and 749,999 other people) it is not for me.

    The Palm Garnet OS and Windows Mobile 6 still are head-to-head as far as I’m concerned.

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