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  • What’s next for me?

    Posted on June 28th, 2007 Shawn No comments

    Well, I am rounding the final turn for my 2-year contract with Verizon…well, actually it’s only the “new every two” part of the contract. Of course, good ol’ Verizon hooked me into a contract till late 2008 because I made a change to my phone plan a while back.

    Anyway, with that said…I am spending my free time (~7 minutes per week), looking for my next device. I know your shocked, since it is so unlike me to waste my free time cell phone shopping.

    If I were to buy anything right now…..I would get nothing and stick with my Treo 650. Yup, you heard it right. Here’s why.
    1) I like the Treo 700p, because it uses all the same accessories as the 650. I wouldn’t have to buy new memory cards, batteries, cases, etc. It has Bluetooth 1.2 and EVDO. The two things the 650 are lacking. BUT, the Verizon version of the 700p is a dog and a year after it’s release, Palm STILL hasn’t release a ROM update for it. Leaving this device useless for us A2DP and multi-application users. They have released the ROM update for the Sprint version of the 700p, but then I’d have to pay a contract break fee to switch carriers.
    2) The Treo 755p…well, there is nothing exciting about this phone. It has the ever-aging Palm Garnet OS, which I still like. It has the newer cooler antenna-less form factor, which is nice…but no big deal to me. The bummer is that it takes miniSD (or microSD with a converter) and has a new battery. So, immediately I’d have to drop about $150 to get the 755p comparable to my 650 in battery life and data storage. PLUS, it’s currently only on Sprint…so, I have to wait until July for this on Verizon.
    3) iPhone or HTC Touch….sorry, I need a keyboard. Nuff said.
    4) Treo 750 (and 700wx) with Windows Mobile 5….240 x 240 screen resolution. No thanks.

    So, that leaves me forward looking at the Summer and Fall months….hoping something will be worthy of replacing the classic Treo 650.

    If Verizon and Palm release the ROM update for the 700p, I will buy one on eBay in minutes! But I’m not budging until they “fix the glitch”.
    I could always pay the fee and switch to Sprint…that might be a good idea since Sprint’s data plans are WAY cheaper and less restrictive…..hmmm, I sorta like that idea.
    Now, let’s talk about the rumor mill. The new Palm Gandolf. Supposedly there’s a Garnet OS and Windows Mobile version of this new smartphone. But, I will keep this short… touch screen. No way! Moving on.

    Here’s where I get a boner (did I say that out loud). The rumor of a Windows Mobile 6 Treo 800w on Verizon. 320 x 320 resolution. Native A2DP. Native WiFi. Native GPS. All in the great form factor of the newer Treo’s. To me, this is the ultimate device. Now, if it does come out in September (doubt it), I will jump all over this.

    If I can stay patient and wait until Labor Day, I think the 800w will be my next device…yup, I will leave the beloved Garnet OS but only because Palm has proven that they are no longer innovating this OS, and really haven’t shown us what’s the deal on the future Palm OS. So, Windows Mobile may be where I head too….if I can wait.

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