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  • Palm Foleo…are you kidding me?

    Posted on May 30th, 2007 Shawn No comments

    Well, I will be honest. I have been a full-time Palm user only since 2005, when I got a Treo 650. Prior to that, I had bought Palm Z and V models for gifts, and was fortunate enough to be “tech support” on them. I waited until a good PDA/cell phone device came out before I made the leap. Ever since getting my 650, I have been in love with the Palm OS and all that it offers. The Treo 700p came out and I really wanted it, but could see spending $300 – $600 for something out of contract, which only offered EVDO and a bit more RAM as upgrades. The 755p is out, and I love the form factor….but miniSD isn’t for me. So what’s next, maybe the new Palm devices with Linux. Ohh I can’t wait.

    Then comes….

    …the Palm Foleo. I learned the details late today, since I had no internet connection till late in the day. The Palm Foleo is….well, it’s… do I say this kindly??? It’s a for mans version of a laptop. Small and lightwieght (like the small Sony VAIO or Dell Latitude). Has WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0 like any laptop I have used in the past 3 years. Has a screen (but not touch sensitive), has a full-size keyboard. Runs a form of Linux, and some Palm specific apps. Has no CD drive, uses SD cards instead. Has a small processor and small amounts of RAM.

    WHAT THE @#%$ IS GOING ON??? Where is the new device? I already connect my Treo via bluetooth to my Sony VAIO laptop. It runs wonderfully like that, and I have all the Windows apps that I’d expect running with lot’s of RAM, a huge hard drive, and all that goes with a typical laptop. Why, please tell me why would I ever want the Palm Foleo? I travel for work….a lot, and everywhere I go, I have my Treo 650 and my Sony VAIO. What value add does the Foleo bring me? Yippee, now I can carry two laptops in my backpack, not just one.

    Call me naive, but I don’t get it. I really want to ‘get it’, but I don’t. I want to drool over this new Palm device, but I can’t. Someone help me answer these questions. Why did Palm really build this device? Who did they build this device for?

    You know what really did make me drool today? The Microsoft Surface. Ohh….there’s no reason I’d buy one, but wow…..that’s wicked cool!

  • Style Tap…is there really any reason to stay with Palm OS?

    Posted on May 23rd, 2007 Shawn 1 comment

    Style TapYou may have heard of Style Tap by now. It’s a piece of software that runs on your Windows Mobile device, but is a Palm OS emulator. That’s right, you can run your Palm OS apps on your Windows Mobile Treo (or any other Win Mob device).

    So, with the impending end of the Palm OS, and the questionable future of Palm Linux…and with Microsoft (dare I say) innovating on the new Windows Mobile 6, I have to ask…
    …Why would anyone want to stick with Palm OS?

    If Style Tap does what it claims, I will be able to run Pocket Tunes, ChatterEmail, and Handy Finance on a Windows Mobile 6 device. My main reason for not moving to Windows Mobile 6 yet is (1) there isn’t yet a Treo that has Win Mob 6 (2) I don’t want to give up my three favorite Palm OS apps.

    Style tap seems like it will solve that, and allow me to stick with an OS developer (Microsoft) with plans long-term plans to continue to innovate its OS. Not a company that just releases device after device (Treo 650, 700p, 755p) with the same ol’ stale OS .

    It makes sense to me. What about you?

  • MicroSD in 8GB…Holy S!

    Posted on May 18th, 2007 Shawn No comments


    Samsung Announces 8 GB microSD Card
    Thursday, May 17 10:06:20 AM PST
    One of the indisputable trade offs in going from the full-size SD slots on the Treo 700p and 680 to the miniSD-enabled Treo 755p and 750 is the reduction in card storage capacity from 8 GB to a mere 4 GB. At the present time, owners of these newest Treo 755p and 750 equipped with miniSD slots cannot utilize the now-widespread and affordable 8 GB full-size SDHC cards and are limited to the handful of rare 4gb miniSDHC cards on the market. Samsung announced they have managed to leapfrog 8 GB in the larger miniSD form factor and somehow squeezed 8gb into the tiny thumbnail-sized microSD (formerly TransFlash) format.

    In theory, this development could be a boon for Treo owners even if larger miniSD cards do not appear, as the microSD format is electrically compatible with miniSD and only requires an adapter card to move between devices. microSD cards are most commonly seen on smaller feature phones, with miniSD the norm for most recent smartphones and a few cameras and camcorders. Unfortunately, production of these large-capacity microSD cards is only set for mid-2008. Hopefully affordable 8 GB miniSDHC cards will be released in the interim to ease the pain felt when hitting the 4gb flash card ceiling.

  • Treo 755p is available…al’right, let’s celebr……WTF…miniSD!!!

    Posted on May 9th, 2007 Shawn No comments

    How upset are you with Palm’s decision to go with the miniSD approach for the Treo 755p? I’m pissed! Where in the world am I going to find an 8GB miniSD card? That’s my review so far of the 755p. Other than that awful miniSD news, I am jumping up and down like a little kid.

  • Treo 755p any day. What to do, what to do?

    Posted on May 6th, 2007 Shawn No comments

    Treo 755p in the Sprint StoreSo, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the Palm Treo 755p will drop this week at a Sprint store near you. If you are a Garnet OS devotee (or just too stubborn to move to a newer platform), you might want to pick it up. Now, help me decide what I should do.

    I’m on Verizon with the ol’ solid Treo 650. My two year contract (for the $100 off upgrade) comes up in October. Plus we still don’t know when Verizon will get the 755p.

    So, should I pay the termination fee and jump over to Sprint this month in order to get the 755p?
    Should I say “screw it” and stick with my 650 until a “real” new device comes out?
    Should I say “screw Garnet” and jump over to a Windows Mobile 6 Treo when it comes out?
    Should I just ride out my contract, save lot’s of money, and stick with my (slow, but steady) 650?

    WWYD (What Would You Do)?

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