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  • PocketTunes Album Art Request

    Posted on April 26th, 2007 Shawn No comments

    Pocket TunesDo you wish there was more space on your SD cards to sync a few more songs? The enhancement request below may help get you just that.

    Currently, Pocket Tunes can sync tracks with embedded album art in the file. The Pocket Tunes / Windows Media Player (WMP) sync does not have the capability to sync album art stored in folders. Though, the Pocket Tunes player does have the ability to display album art stored in folders while songs are playing.

    Each time album art is added to an music file (MP3, WMA, ACC, etc), the file size increases. Since it’s likely that every song on the same album (or folder) will use the same album art, we are looking at unnecessary file size increase just to ensure that every track has album art.

    If the Pocket Tunes / WMP sync tool could sync folder based album art, we would be able to eliminate track based album art. This would in turn decrease the file size of each music file, since only one image per folder would be synced. In turn a few (or more) megabytes of space should free up from the SD card allowing room for more songs.

    An added benefit of this enhancement is that users won’t have to spend extra effort adding album art to music files using various 3rd party tools, since WMP automatically adds folder based album art when songs are added to the WMP library.

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