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  • Not many reasons left to stay with Palm Garnet OS

    Posted on April 27th, 2007 Shawn 5 comments

    Why do I want to stick with Garnet (aka Palm OS)? Why do YOU want to stick with it?

    Do you just love the Treo form factor? If so, doesn’t Windows Mobile 6 BLOW Garnet OS out of the water?

    Let’s compare the upcoming Treo 755 series.
    Garnet OS755p – Garnet OS 5.x.

  • 320 x 320
  • HUGE 8GB SDHC card support
  • No WiFi, not an option
  • Gotta spend $ to get a nice UI
  • Gotta spend $ to get a nice media player
  • Gotta spend $ to get A2DP (stereo Bluetooth)
  • Default browser is blah
  • Windows Mobile 6755w – Windows Mobile 6

  • 320 x 320
  • SD or mini SD support, what size?
  • WiFi with added card
  • Decent UI, nice phone app
  • Decent media player included
  • A2DP included
  • Deepfish browser…looks real nice
  • I only see two reasons to stick with Garnet OS:

    1. expansion card capabilities on Garnet is WAY bigger, I think.
    2. lot’s of time, money, and love spent on Garnet/Palm OS over the years.

    Let’s rule out #2 right away. Palm is definitely not dedicated to staying on top with it’s OS, as proven by the 3 year old dull Garnet OS. Once Windows Mobile can support big expansion cards, then there will be no more reasons to stick with Garnet models.

    So, the 755p comes out for Sprint on May 14, and Verizon soon after. There is no rumored date for the 755w yet, but we know that we are just waiting for Palm and the mobile carriers to finish testing. Give it a month or two.

    Time is really running out for the good ol’ Garnet OS and Palm isn’t moving fast enough on it’s new Linux based OS to keep us all around. To be honest, I think the only dedicated Garnet OS users that will still be around when the new Palm OS comes out, will be the people still stuck in a two year contract with their mobile carrier. Everyone else….will have moved on to Windows Mobile or iPhone. iPhone


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    • Nelson Ferreira

      Well, you dismiss #2 too quickly. I have a personal productivity setup that just works. I am beyond the stage in my life where what matters is good looks. I want something that works, and I got it.

      The reason to stay with Garnet (or something that allows me to use my current Garnet setup without major migration fuss) is exactly the same many people stay only upgrade Windows when they buy a new PC: it works, why mess around with it and get a headache?

    • Nelson has all the good points. I’ve been using Palm since they were invented. I love the way everything works and I do not need anything more. Plus, I do not want to support MS in any way.

    • Nelson’s has a very valid point. I’m past that age of caring how awesome something looks. Eye candy just doesn’t seem to do it for me anymore. I just need something that’s quick, reliable and works with minimal fuss.

      I started off using PocketPCs through to Win Mobile 2003 and now I’ve migrated over to PalmOS. Have I taken a step back? Not at all. I just got sick and tired of the clumsy UI and the overall bloated feel of WinMobile. So after five years of using my Cassiopeia and Ipaq, I said to hell with all this and got myself a secondhand T3 and now a TX. Never been happier.

    • Great feedback from the dedicated Palm OS community. I still have a Treo 650. I still love it, but do look at the newer devices and OS’s…with a bit of “the grass is greener” complex. I am the guy who gets phone envy easily.

      My two year contract with Verizon ends in October and I plan to retire the Treo 650 at that point. I will most likey be one of those guys “still stuck in a two year contract with their mobile carrier” when the new Palm Linux OS is released. So, I may be fortunate…purely becuase I will be locked into a contract, to ride the Garnet OS to the grave, and welcome in the new Palm Linux OS. I would be most happy if that did occur. Even though I am getting tired of the sluggish ol’ Garnet OS, I love Palm devices and they have been good to me.

      Final thought, I’m a “new school” PDA user and still want the latest features. The UI is one thing, but I’m talking about Bluetooth 2.0, a good web browser, a good dial-by-photo phone app, and voice dialing. If Palm can deliver that stuff, I’m happy.

    • Given the alternatives, there’s nowhere to look but Palm. I won’t touch a Microshaft based product with a ten foot pool. I suffered through two iPaqs, an Axium, and won’t use WinCe again. Heck, I wasn’t wincing, that OS had me in tears every time I tried to sync it. As for the other ‘smart phones’ out there, forget it. If anyone wonders why Motorola is slowly syncing into oblivion, just use one of their phones for a couple weeks.

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