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  • 700p still wins, but will WM6 topple it?

    Posted on February 22nd, 2007 Shawn No comments

    UPDATE: I added the hypothetical Treo 750 with Windows Mobile 6. It ties the 700p…and once I get info on a couple more specs, may take the top spot.

    The news of WM6 got me thinking… it time to hang up the old Palm OS and move to something that continues to update and (sort of) innovate? I love my Treo 650 and have all plans of getting a 700p once the ROM update comes out from Palm.

    Though with WM6 just around the corner, and possibly answering some of the BIG reasons I wouldn’t switch…’s time to review my “Smartphone/PDA Must Have List”. To be fair, I have left WM6 off, since it’s too early to tell weather it will be on the 700wx, 750, or something else. But, just remember…it will be 320×320 and have all the pros of Bluetooth 2.0 (including stereo Bluetooth). If they only add SDHC support…WM6 might just bury my Palm OS (along with my best friends Pocket Tunes, Softick Audio Gateway, and ChatterEmail). The next couple months will tell.

    Now, back to the updated table. BTW, I added the 700wx (now that Verizon is offering it).

    1st place = Treo 700p and the hypothetical Treo 750 with WM6 — 23.5 points (out of a possible 25)
    2nd place = Treo 680 and Treo 750 — 22.5 points (tie, what a shock…the old technology 680 ties the new ‘it’ phone. It’s only because I allowed EDGE to count as pseudo high-speed)
    3rd place = Treo 700wx — 21 points (I think I have missed something on the specs, as I’d think it would weigh in the same as the 750)
    4th place = iPhone — 13 points (Beautiful user interface…that’s about it)

    Treo 700p Treo 680 Treo 750 Treo 700wx Treo 750 WM6 iPhone
    PHONE 2 2 3 2 3 1
    Bluetooth voice dialing X ? X ?
    Speakerphone X X X X X X
    Custom ringtones X X X X X ?
    INTERNET 3 2.5 3 3 3 1.5
    High-speed data (EVDO, EDGE) X X- X X X X-
    Browser X X X X X X
    Bluetooth DUN X X X X X
    PDA 9.5 9.5 7.5 8.5 8.5 6
    Bluetooth 1.2 or 2.0 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 ? 2
    Internal/card storage 4GB + X X miniSD 2GB SD 4GB ? X
    Touchscreen X X X X X X
    QWERTY keyboard X X X X X
    320 x 320 resolution minimum X X 240 x 240 240 x 240 X X
    Camera X X X X X X
    File Browser X X X X X ?
    Google Maps X X X X X X
    Bluetooth sync X X X X X ?
    Removable battery X X X X X
    EMAIL 3 3 3 3 3 1.5
    Outlook sync (calendar, contacts, tasks,
    X X X X X
    Push mail (Exchange, IMAP) X X X X X X-
    POP mail X X X X X X
    AUDIO 6 5.5 6 4.5 6 3
    Internet Radio (mp3, AAC+, wma) AAC+, MP3, WMA MP3, AAC+ AAC+, MP3, WMA MP3, WMA AAC+, MP3, WMA ?
    A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth) X* X* X X X ?
    AVRCP (Bluetooth Remote Control) X* X* X ? X ?
    Background audio player X X X X X X
    Internal speaker X X X X X X
    Album Art X X X X X X
    TOTAL SCORE 23.5 22.5 22.5 21 23.5 13

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    • You are smokin crack my friend, the day ANY Treo would beat the iPhone is truly wishful thinking. Thanks for wastimg my and everyone else’s time.

    • I’m not seeing great things outta the iPhone….from the specs I’ve read. Trust me, I was the first guy ready to throw my Treo in the trash and cough up $600 for an iPhone. After learning (1) no Bluetooth DUN (2) no Exchange email (3) no 3G data speeds (4) no removable battery….I got concerned.

      Granted, it’s not available for purchase yet, neither is the Treo 750 with WM6. So, both comparisons are hypothetical…and best guessed.

      All can change once the iPhone drops. If so, I’ll be the first to update this. That being said…..I do loves me some crack every now and then.

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