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  • Treo 680 vs. iPhone @ Treonauts

    Posted on January 11th, 2007 Shawn No comments

    iPhoneTreo 680Palm Treo 680 vs. Apple iPhone/ is a very interesting editorial over at Treonauts and is one heck of a good editorial and a good comparison. “It’s funny that the iPhone should so clearly have helped me to better recognize the terrific accomplishments that Palm has delivered with our Treo. It may not be immediately perceived to be quite as “cool” as an iPhone but the fact is that the Treo clearly deserves the praise and success that it has already achieved. I have no doubt that the iPhone will be an extremely successful device in its own right – one which will continue to help grow the smartphone space with an even younger generation – but for now at least I certainly don’t believe that it will be a Treo-killer.” Full Story

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